Work Place Injuries

Workplace injuries are any occupational injury or illness that is caused by factors in your workplace, including the specific tasks you are paid to perform. Injuries may occur in people who work in many different types of workplaces, including factories, construction sites, offices, retail stores, and warehouses. Some workplace injuries may be caused by repetitive movements while other injuries may be caused by traumatic accidents. General causes of workplace injuries include:

‚ÄčOver exertion
Falls/Blunt force trauma
Repetitive strain
‚ÄčImproper lifting
Chemical exposure burns

Improper lifting technique and repetitive strain injuries are among the most common causes of workplace injuries, particularly in those individuals who work in industrial environments and offices, respectively. These workplace injuries usually involve some degree of joint and soft tissue damage, and they may respond to chiropractic care. Specific workplace injuries that are well-suited to chiropractic care include:

Back injuries (sprains, strains, disc problems)
Neck injuries (sprains, strains, joint dysfunction)
Carpal tunnel syndrome/Headache (caused by muscle tension, joint dysfunction, or poor posture)
Bursitis/Tendinitis/Rotator cuff tears
Extremity numbness and tingling